19 Apr Dance to the Salsa Beat in Puerto Rico

This post is written by Molly Austin.

One thing I look for in a destination is variety. There are many resorts around the world that offer one thing, whether it’s shopping, or just lying on a beach; and whilst that’s good for a few days, I get itchy feet after a while and want to get my exploring shoes on! One place that offers variety of the most beautiful kind is the chilled-out Caribbean island of Puerto Rico.

Old San Juan Puerto Rico

photo by Emilio Santacoloma on flickr

Dripping in culture, nature, and beautiful beaches, Puerto Rico has a beat all of its own. A great suggestion is to make it a two-centre break and combine your beach time with a city-break in the US!

Nobody said a holiday to Puerto Rico would be as cheap as your average package holiday to Spain, however be sure to save wherever you can, and it won’t hit your pocket quite as hard as you might imagine. One way to do this is by using airport extras, and one of my favourites is airport parking. I use this religiously nowadays, having saved quite a lot of money in the process and gaining control over my travel plans. Check out Gatwick Parking for flights from the capital, as well as Stansted Airport Parking, and put those saved pounds to good use on your laid-back Puerto Rican holiday.

If you’re a nature lover, this is the place for you. Mysterious mountains, rainforests and many a nature reserve await you, with stunning beaches of the most beautiful kind. There are scuba diving opportunities in abundance, with colourful and interesting marine life to visit.

Getting around the island is easy, and I’d highly recommend a visit to the capital, San Juan. This is the best part of the island for sightseeing, with a quaint old town and imposing fortresses. This is also where you’ll find the best night-life, with many bars and restaurants.

Despite the need to get out and about, I do love a good beach, and Puerto Rico has some of the most beautiful in the world –think swaying palm trees, translucent waters and white sand. Most of the larger beaches have water-sports on offer, which is a great opportunity to cool down in the often intense heat. Luquillo is a popular choice for families, situated on the North-East coast.

For something a little different, and an activity that not every destination in the world can boast, I’d highly recommend heading to the West Coast for a spot of whale watching. If you get the opportunity, definitely do it!

When night falls in Puerto Rico, prepare for laid-back and chilled-out, with a delicious glass of rum. As before, the most lively action is in the capital, however the resorts all offer entertainment and bars. Food-wise, nobody will go hungry, as the close proximity to the US means plenty of western food to choose from.

Relaxing on the beach is just one of a great range of activities on this sunshine island. Be sure to save as much as possible before you jet-off, and you’ll get the most out of your holiday. You don’t miss out on the great value extras if you’re flying more regionally either, with Parking at Heathrow equally as good value for money.

The Caribbean is a dream destination, and if you get the chance to combine it with a few days in a US city, you have an instant once in a lifetime holiday.

[box]Molly Austin is a blogger outreach assistant and writer for an English travel company.  As well as reading, writing and obsessing about traveling, she loves to eat, is a self confessed geek and spends way too much time online, you can often find her on twitter @molly_austin1[/box]

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