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Information is Free So Google It

Just wanted to mention something that has been weighing on my mind. Google. It. I get increasingly stressed when I hear people asking questions that they could easily have found the answers to on Google. My forehead creases up when I realise that people aren’t conducting enough research before doing things. I start sweating a [...]

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Things I Hate About Twitter (But why I still use it)

I had a sneaky, cheeky little thought flash through my brain yesterday. Wouldn’t it be great if I could invent something to supersede Twitter? That would throw everyone to disarray. Just as they reached 10,000 followers…BOOM. There’s a new network in town. Twitter has undeniably become and important networking tool. The web has now overtaken print [...]

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30 of the Best Android Apps for Travel Bloggers

Since I now have a shiny new Android phone in my hot little hands, I thought I’d share with you the best apps for travel bloggers out there. If you have any others to recommend, add them in the comments section. 1. Photoshop Express- If you’re taking spur-of-the-moment pictures on your Android phone then then [...]

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Managing Social Networks for your Travel Blog

I posted an article the other day about how I wish there was a social networking fairy. I really think she would get more business than the tooth fairy that’s for sure. For some travel bloggers out there, communicating with complete strangers via social networks seems to come naturally to them. I log into Twitter [...]

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I wish there was a social networking fairy

OK, give it up travel bloggers. It’s time to confess that you all have magic social networking fairies. You secretly have a Tinkerbell perched on your shoulder, ready to flit between your iphone and your laptop whenever you wish. I knew it! She’s posting links on forums, replying to your @s on Twitter, tweeting a [...]

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