Travel Bloggers Who Rock! Emma from Backpacking Spirit

Some of you will always be backpackers at heart, so this week’s interview is with the lovely Emma from Backpacking Spirit. If you’re a girl thinking about hitting the road, she’s set up a backpacking blog specifically for women- appropriately titled Backpacking Spirit Women. I thought I was cool traveling around Australia solo at 21, but […]

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iPhone screen best travel apps

My Favourite Travel Apps

My iPhone 5 is one of the items in my carry-on bag that I just couldn’t live without.  I use it to take beautiful photos, update my social media accounts, check my emails, make notes, communicate with people back home, organize my trips and even book my future travels. Sometimes it has even saved me […]

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Travel Bloggers Who Rock! Interview with Ian from Borderless Travels

Ian, your mascot is a Yak, tell us about that! Since I can remember my friends have always called me yak, because my last name is Yacobucci.  Last year, while traveling on the Trans-Siberian, my friends and I were discussing logo ideas for Borderless Travels, and we came up with traveling yak logo because my […]

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Laura Daniel Kuoni

Interview with Kuoni Travel Blog Editor Laura Daniel

This week I interviewed Laura Daniel, who is the editor of Kuoni Travel Blog and Kuoni Explore Magazine. Laura took her first round-the-world holiday at just 5 years old, and from then on she was passionate about travel! She worked as a writer on motoring magazines, which took her driving through the Sahara and up glaciers […]

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