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Tep Wireless MiFi Device

Pocket WiFi for Travel: A Tep Wireless Review

As a travel blogger WiFi is my everything. This might sound like I have a problem and need to go to Internet Addicts Anonymous, but it’s the oxygen of blogging. The first thing a blogger tends to ask upon entering a restaurant or a hotel is “Do you have WiFi?” or “What’s the Wi-fi password?” [...]

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Turning My Instagram Photos into Magnets with Sticky9

If I had to name my favourite social media network it would have to be Instagram. I love the simplicity of it; sharing beautiful photos and following other people’s lives through the power of photography. It’s fantastic for travel photos and I often get inspired to go somewhere (or eat something!) just by looking at [...]

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Bimuno Travelaid

Review: Bimuno TRAVELAID Pastilles

Recently a company called Bimuno sent me a sample of their Bimuno TRAVELAID to test out and review; this dietary supplement is supposed to support your tummy while abroad and help prevent things like digestive problems and traveller’s diarrhoea. While I seem to have a pretty good digestive system and I’ve generally been lucky with avoiding [...]

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Antler Juno Case

Review: Antler Juno Suitcase

I’m kind of obsessed with luggage. As a frequent traveller I tend to covet new suitcases and you’ll often find me looking at luggage stores the way most women would look at shoe stores. I have lots of different cabin bags, backpacks and suitcases in all different sizes- some with wheels, some without- because different [...]

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World Around Me iPhone

World Around Me (WAM) App Review

I love downloading apps for my iPhone, so when I was asked to review an app called WAM, I was intrigued. No it’s not dedicated to Wham! songs such as Last Christmas and Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go, but the acronym for World Around Me- a travel app that allows you to explore your [...]

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Air New Zealand Economy Meal Economy Class

Air New Zealand Economy Review

I’ve travelled with a lot of airlines, but I have to say Air New Zealand has one of the most impressive economy class cabins I’ve ever flown in.  This year I’ve taken over 30 flights and I’m really becoming a bit of an airline geek these days. I’ve tried and tested the economy class on [...]

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Review: Coliza Holiday Cottage, St Austell

When you dream of the perfect holiday cottage, Coliza in St Austell, Cornwall probably springs to mind. It is a picture perfect property, almost so perfect; you wonder if it is real. The Location Coliza, available from Marsden’s Cottage Holidays, is located in St Austell , which is the largest town in Cornwall and enjoys [...]

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