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Top Things to Do in Slovenia

Slovenia is pint-sized but rather pretty… a bit like Kylie Minogue. “I’ve heard of it, but where is it exactly?” you might ask. The country was part of the former Yugoslavia and sits between Italy, Austria, Croatia and Hungary. It does have a coastline on the Mediterranean, although the ‘beaches’ of rocks and pebbles aren’t […]

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The Postojna Caves in Slovenia

The Postojna Caves were definitely one of the highlights of my trip to Slovenia. There are two sets of cave systems in Slovenia- the Škocjan Caves and the Postojna Caves. We rented a car from Hertz in Portoroz to make the drive to the Karst region of Slovenia, where the Postojna caves are located. It’s […]

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Alibi Hostel Piran Slovenia

Hostel Review: Alibi Hostel in Piran Slovenia

*Raving Review Alert* After spending rather too long in Ljubljana, we wanted to escape the city and breathe in the fresh sea air somewhere along the coast. Having heard Piran was a great spot on the coastline and much nicer than Trieste or Koper, we decided to hunt for accommodation online. It turns there’s one […]

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Day Trip to Lake Bled, Slovenia

Slovenia may be a tiny little country sandwiched between Italy, Austria, Croatia and Hungary, but the feather in its cap, the jewel in its crown, is Lake Bled. This magical, fairytale lake is rather small in size, but is arguably Slovenia’s most prized possession, appearing on postcards and in glossy features that grace the pages […]

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