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Wawel Royal Castle

Sights to See in Krakow, Poland

Krakow, or Cracow, is Poland’s most popular city for tourists. It was the royal seat and capital of Poland for over five centuries and as a result the Old Town is packed with monuments, historic buildings, churches and grandiose architecture. It’s no wonder then that Krakow’s historical centre was entered on the list of UNESCO World […]

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Cash machine Gnome

The Gnomes of Wroclaw, Poland

Whilst the colourful city of Wroclaw has plenty of  impressive buildings, the thing I’ll remember most about Wroclaw is something a little smaller…the army of tiny gnomes!  Before I go on…if you’re reading this aloud in your head thinking Wroclaw is pronounced something along the lines of “War-claw” or “Raw-claw” as I thought, it’s not. […]

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