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Baden-Baden: So Nice You Have to Name it Twice

On a visit to Baden-Baden for the Deutscher Medienpreis (German Media Awards), Bill Clinton said; “Baden-Baden is so nice you have to name it twice.” Indeed it is nice. It’s MORE than nice; I don’t think the word does it justice. Located in the Baden Wuttermburg area of Germany at the foothills of the Black Forest, […]

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Black Forest Ziplining Germany

Ziplining in the Black Forest, Germany

As our bus driver heads deeper into the Black Forest and we are dropped by the side of the road in what appears to be the middle of nowhere, I think to myself: “Toto, we’re not in Kansas anymore!” I look around expecting to see some sort of zip-lining centre, but all I see is […]

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Beer Festival Stuttgart

Move Over Oktoberfest: Drinking Beer at Cannstatter Wasen!

I’ve been to Oktoberfest twice; once in 2011 and the second time in 2012. I love, love, love Oktoberfest, but this year I found myself at a different German beer festival; the 168th Cannstatter Volksfest just outside of Stuttgart. The Cannstatter Wasen is a 35-hectare area on the banks of the Neckar River and each […]

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Mercedes Benz Museum Race Cars

Oh Lord Won’t You Buy Me a Mercedes-Benz

When I think of Germany I always think of cars; Volkswagen, BMW, Porsche…and Mercedes-Benz. My parents have always stuck to German cars because they’re so reliable- my mother has been driving the same Volkswagen Golf for over 15 years! Naturally with such a strong car industry, German car manufacturers have created their own tourist attractions […]

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How to Spend One Day in Berlin

Whilst 24 hours isn’t enough time to get fully acquainted with a city, that’s all I the time I had on my recent trip to Germany’s capital city. I arrived in the morning at Circus Hostel and only had one day in Berlin to explore the major sights before getting a bus the following day to Oktoberfest […]

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