24 May 5 Great Reasons to Pitch Up in France

There are enough camping and caravanning sites in the UK to shake a fairly big stick at. But if you feel you’ve exhausted all your favourite destinations and are in search of new and exciting locations offering the sort of fantastic scenery that gets your mouth watering, then France is definitely the place to head.

With the Brittany, Normandy and Champagne regions to the north and Dordogne, Cote D’Azur and the Alps to the south, France is teaming with camping options when it comes to planning your latest adventure!

Cote D'azur

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1. No need to fly

Since you might want to tow your caravan or take a tent, you probably want to make your own way there along the ground. The flexibility of camping means the only timetable you’ll have to consider is the train or ferry across the channel. Getting there has never been easier!

If you’re travelling with a group of friends or your family then you may want to pick up a bigger so that you can all be under the same roof. GearWeAre.com have put together a guide to the best 6 person tents to help make your buying choices easier.  A 6 person tent can be super fun if you fancy throwing a party, or if you’re travelling with kids then at least you can feel safe knowing they’re in the same tent with you.

Alternatively, if you want to travel light and don’t fancy dragging your accommodation with you, there are loads of campsites that provide great tents and wooden lodges with self-catering facilities. If you check somewhere like Eurocamp.co.uk you’ll see what continental camping is all about!


2. Affordable

Let’s face it – camping has always been cheaper than staying in hotels. Since people only use hotels as a base, it makes no sense to splash the cash on five-star accommodation when you’re going to spend most of your time outside exploring the wider world. Campsites are much cheaper – and some even have pools, sports pitches and tennis courts on site, so you don’t have to go far to find what you want.

3. Choice

France has more than 10,000 registered campsites, which equates to nearly half of all in Europe! In a country that’s so obviously passionate about its camping culture, you can be certain that there’ll be some fantastic places to pitch your tent.

There are five National Parks in the south west, the Alps to the south east and the romantic city of Paris in the north – not to mention the Mediterranean coast. France is a camper’s dream!

4. Quality assured

All of France’s registered campsites are rated like hotels, ranging from one to four stars. If you are going into the great outdoors, make sure you take a bright led lantern for camping this summer. If it’s an authentic camping experience you’re after – where all you need is a field and some cold water – then aim for the one star. Four stars have almost everything you can think of, such as washing facilities, on-site shops, games rooms and entertainment.

The French take camping seriously, which is hugely reassuring for anyone travelling alone or with a young family.

5. Weather

Of course, camping is all about activities and the outdoors, so it’s always a bonus if the sun shines! You might be relieved, if not surprised, to know that France rarely disappoints. It has the perfect camping climates – Mediterranean heat to the south, mountain fresh air in the Alps and pleasant warmth in the Parisian north. We all know how the weather can make all the difference to a holiday!


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