23 Sep Malta – a destination to set the heart racing

Located in the heart of the Mediterranean sea, Malta is an island paradise with a rich history, a fascinating blend of cultures and a breathtaking natural landscape. Relaxing on a secluded beach or strolling through a fortified town, there are plenty of opportunities to take your visit at a slower pace, but Malta also offers a number of ways to explore the island at a higher tempo.


With an agreeable year-round climate and crystal-clear waters, fans of adventure sports can choose from a range of activities on both land and sea. Diving is a hugely popular activity, with several dive schools around the island offering the chance to explore the stunning reefs, caves and grottoes that line the coast.

Back on land, Malta’s climate and gently undulating terrain make it a great destination for cyclists. Whether you’re riding as part of an organised tour or going it alone, cycling in Malta allows you to experience the true character of the country. Routes include smaller island Gozo, with a trail that takes you through wild flower meadows and bright green valleys. Experience jaw-dropping vistas around every corner and travel back in time as you discover villages seemingly forgotten by the modern world.

Similarly, Malta’s terrain lends itself well to hiking and rambling. Signposted walking routes can be found all over the island, guiding visitors past an endless stream of historic sites, charming towns and beautiful views. One picturesque example leads from the walled woodland of Buskett, a former knight’s hunting ground, and on to the town of Qrendi, passing Stone-Age caves, lanes and orchards along the way.

If cycling or walking are too sedate, the rocky cliffs that surround the island are great places to test out your climbing skills. There are several rock-climbing clubs in Malta, including the crags at Wied Babu on the south-west coast. They each offering a range of activities, including deep-water soloing, abseiling, traversing and bouldering.

In addition, there are more traditional sports to keep you active in Malta. The town of Marsa is home to a large sports complex, with tennis courts, squash courts, swimming pools and gym facilities available to everyone. Golfers can find a challenging 18-hole course at the Royal Malta Golf Club, while many of the hotels on the island also offer a variety of sports facilities.

Autumn in Malta offers a great climate for outdoor activities and plenty of top-class sporting facilities to choose from – not to mention beautiful surroundings, delicious cuisine and a friendly welcome from the locals – Malta truly is the ideal destination for an action-packed holiday.

Image by Eje Gustafsson, used under Creative Comms license

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