What countries have the highest data roaming charges?

If taking your mobile phone with you when travelling abroad on business or for pleasure it is wise to consider data roaming charges, otherwise you may be in for a shock when you get your bill.
Whether you’re just planning to browse the web, check your emails or send documents or pictures, these will incur data roaming costs. Many mobile users don’t realise that they pay to receive calls and other phone related things when abroad.

Data Roaming Charges

Typical data usage is as follows:
3.5Mb – viewing 20 web pages
3Mb – connecting to app for 1 minute
1MB – streaming music for 1 minute
0.5Mb – sending 1 document

In the face of some of the bills unaware people have received, EU legislation has recently brought in a price cap for downloading data – 38p/1MB (ex VAT). Other costs to be capped include 20p/minute to make a call, 6p/minute to receive a call and 7p to send a text. However, if you’re visiting countries outside the EU, charges will to be much higher and vary from country to country.
Whilst many popular destinations such as Spain (including the Balearics and Canary Islands), Greece, France and Portugal fall under the EU banner, you still need to take great care when travelling to places such as Australia, Egypt, Brazil, USA, Canada or the Maldives so be aware of this when you buy a new phone.

Typical charges in Australia are:

Voice Call £1.40/min
Receiving a voice call 99p/min
Sending a text 35p
Sending a video call £2/min
Receiving a video call £1.50/min
Internet usage £3/MB
Sending a picture message 35.7p
Sending a video message 37.8p

Most of the aforementioned countries fall into line on texts and other messages as well as video calling, however Brazil, Canada and Egypt charge £6/MB – over 20 times as much as you would pay in Europe.

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