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Accommodation and Places to Eat in Slovenia


Slovenia is one of the former country of Yugoslavia’s most beautiful new nations – with almost half the land located in the dramatic mountains of the Alps and over 50 percent being forested. There is even a sliver of coastline, with 30 miles of the Mediterranean Sea bordering the south of the country. Slovenia has been a member of the European Union since 2004 and now uses the Euro currency.

Slovenia hotels range from plush city pads to provincial countryside bed and breakfasts. The capital, Ljubljana is well worth a visit – hotels in the Baroque style Old Town near the foot of the grandiose Castle Hill start from 12 Euros per night in a shared hostel to well over 200 Euros for a suit or luxury self-contained apartment.

Outside Ljubljana, Slovenia’s second largest city is Maribor. Located in the mountains this city has slightly cheaper accommodation available – from 10 Euros for a fairly standard backpacker haunt.

In Slovenia’s oldest and possibly most charming town, Ptuj you can find great hostels like the Eva Youth Hostel where beds go from 10 Euros, right next to the banks of the Drava River.

Places to eat in Slovenia are easy to find. In Ljubljana there is traditional Slovenian cuisine served in local cafes and restaurants throughout the city. Reasonably priced options include the Abecedarium Café (which occupies the oldest building in the city, built in 1528) or Gostilna Sokol, which also has Italian-style pizza, pasta or steak. You’ll also find French, Spanish and even Mexican restaurants in Ljubljana.

slovenian food

Outside the capital Slovenian cuisine is even easier to find – with Maribor having a distinct local tradition inspired by the mountain diet of meats and dairy products as compared to coastal cities such as Koper, which is known for its fresh seafood cooked in the Mediterranean style.

In short as long as you’re in a city you’ll be able to find international cuisine – and when visiting the country be sure to sample the variety of local regional dishes on offer.

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