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Balinese Belief: Canang Sari

Everywhere you go in Bali you will see these pretty flowers in square baskets made from coconut leaves. They’re scattered all over the pavements, outside every shop and building. I’m always trying to avoid stepping on them in the street! These are small offering baskets called ‘canang sari ‘ that Balinese Hindus offer to their […]

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Blogsherpa is now active!

*Update 11/04/2013 The Lonely Planet Blogsherpa program is now closed* Pommie Travels is now a member of the Blog Sherpa programme with Lonely Planet! The idea behind Blog Sherpa is simple- once you are a member of the programme you can tag one of  your blog posts or articles with ‘blog sherpa’.  Lonely Planet will […]

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How Facebook Has Changed Travel

The history of modern day earth is split into two time periods, pre-facebook and post facebook. People used to travel for the purpose of travel itself. Pre-facebook, traveller’s photos were usually developed and put into an album or a box in a dusty corner of their house. If you were really into it you might […]

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Living in Bali

On 27th July I moved to Bali to live. Steve and I are now living in the ‘posh’ neighbourhood in Seminyak. We’ve slowly started to make the house look like our own- we haggled on a psychedelic Ganesh to hang on the wall and he now looks over us with a stern look in his […]

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