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Living in Bali

On 27th July I moved to Bali to live. Steve and I are now living in the ‘posh’ neighbourhood in Seminyak. We’ve slowly started to make the house look like our own- we haggled on a psychedelic Ganesh to hang on the wall and he now looks over us with a stern look in his eye. We now have more than one plate and a sharp knife that will actually cut things, a 6 dollar cushion and …wait for it….coat hangers. I think one amazing thing about living somewhere is actually getting to hang your clothes up. I had always giggled as we went by people on bikes with all this weird stuff on the back- and there we were going down the high way with a giant cushion and a bowl to hand wash our clothes in.


We’ve already had bike problems- the first time we had a flat tyre and pushed the bike to some roadside garage where they fixed it by some weird method involving a Fanta Can and melting the rubber. Another guy rocked up there with the same problem as us and immediately started eating some roadside chicken satay, so we thought we’d do the same. The second time we ran out of petrol, and had to push the bike to the nearest petrol station. This was the photo I took:

Steve pushing bike

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