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9 Cool Souvenirs to take home from Bali

Looking for a souvenir to take home from Bali that’s cheap and pretty damn cool? Take a look at some of these you can find on Kuta’s stalls.

1. A Disco Penis- A disco ball shaped like a penis, this is a must have ornament for any household. A great conversation starter, your guests will be utterly impressed with this mosaic mirror-covered phallous.

Disco Penis

2. An Orange Tailor Made Suit- Every self-respecting man should have one of these- an orange tailor made suit complete with flares and zebra print detail. An this suit is worth a million Rupiah, so you really will look a million in it! I don’t know what it is about orange suits- but they’re everywhere in Bali!

Orange suit

3. A surf board- People flock to Bali from all over the world for the great surf and you can get a pretty good deal on a board. Can’t surf? Get one and look like you can!

Surf boards

4. Bike Helmets- The main method of getting around in Bali as I’ve come to learn is by motorbike. It’s the cheapest and most efficient way to get around so ride around in style and get yourself a retro leather helmet with horns or a mohawk!

Bike Helmets

5. A Ship Kite- Probably the coolest thing on sale in Bali, the ship kites can be seen sailing through the sky on Kuta Beach. The wind on Bali makes great conditions for kite-flying and there are all sorts of Kites you can buy, but the ship is my personal favourite.


6.  Cheap Sunglasses- Who needs designer sunglasses when you can get some good fakes for a dollar? So what if they say ‘Okley’ instead of ‘Oakley’!


7. Bintang T-Shirts- Bintang is everywhere in Bali, people are drinking the beers and wearing the T-Shirts. With Bintang T-shirts available on every corner and every stall, it unavoidable and inevitable that you’ll end up buying one yourself.


8.Sarongs- The sarong has so many uses- use it as a beach towel, tie it round your waist so you can enter temples or wear it as a dress. Haggle on a good colourful one from a hawker down on the beach or on the stalls on Poppies I and II.


9. Trashy Books- Every book exchange and book store in Bali seems to have amassed all of the worst and most crappy novels.  I imagine that every library in every country in the world sent all of their worst surplus books in one big shipment to Bali.


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3 Responses to 9 Cool Souvenirs to take home from Bali

  1. Sarah August 19, 2009 at 5:47 pm #

    This is very funny. I cant get over those disco balls, if thats what you would call them. And that suit is just gorgeoues (not)

    Cheers Sarah

  2. Refugio Jankowiak October 1, 2010 at 1:47 pm #

    Hello observed your internet site through Youtube and it’s brilliant!! I’ll be coming back for guaranteed.

  3. alex October 29, 2010 at 6:50 pm #

    that’s crazy orange suit,cool man….

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